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Strive to run and dream forward -- Transformation and transformation of Liu Teng, Queen of Chinese jujitsu

Source: 2020-10-29 08:58:31

Reporter Wang Chen Chen Photography

When it comes to Liu Teng, most people think of her title as "the queen of Chinese jujitsu".

With her extraordinary perseverance, the post-90s girl began to learn jujitsu at the age of 9. She once challenged the Guinness world record five times in a row and was also the holder of three World Guinness records. In 2017, she appeared on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala and performed "two flowers competing for beauty". With its wonderful creativity and amazing jujitsu skills, the program left a very good impression on hundreds of millions of audiences and became a household name inspiring model.

Liu Teng told reporters that when he was a child, because he saw the jujitsu performance in the central three sets of "Quyuan Zatan", he longed for his own "special function" and became a "Superman", more powerful than others. To learn jujitsu, it is necessary to train from childhood and keep high intensity training day after day and year after year. It has extremely high requirements on the physical condition and artistic expression of the actors. Only by persisting in it can we succeed. Therefore, there are few outstanding performers who can stand out from it. Liu Teng is just like her name. The word "rattan" symbolizes tenacity and upward. Behind Liu Teng's success, he paid the sweat and tears unimaginable to ordinary people.

However, when she stood at the "highest peak" of the field after a lot of hardships, she fell into meditation on her future. "When I chose the field of jujitsu and reached the peak, I saw heaven and earth, all living beings and myself. At this time, I began to think about what meaningful things I could do for society in addition to pursuing halo." After 2017, Liu Teng suddenly "disappeared" from the front of the screen, and occasionally participated in performances to cheer friends in the circle.

After the honor, she really realized that she had never thought that jujitsu would become a carrier to achieve her bigger life goals. There was still a lot of room for growth and the meaning of life in the future.

Reading books, practicing calligraphy, traveling and further study, Liu Teng began to leave most of his time for himself, calming down to let himself precipitate, just for more delicate bloom.

Inspiration and opportunity always come inadvertently. When reading the book "beauty is the invisible competitiveness" written by Jiang Xun, Liu Teng was really intoxicated. "Everyone likes beautiful things, and I am no exception. We live in a large community of society. We deal with all kinds of people every day. Many people are losing themselves step by step, losing themselves, the original purest self. If we can help more people find the most real self and the best self, how meaningful it is. " Along this line of thinking, Liu Teng continued to search for the origin and found that education is a platform for shaping and cultivating people throughout one's life. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the teaching rules and consciously teach the "beauty" culture from a young age, so that he can learn both inside and outside imperceptibly, find his ID, and then bravely pursue his dream and realize himself.

In this way, the four words "aesthetic education" took root in Liu Teng's heart and became the most worthwhile thing for her to do in the rest of her life, not only to give back to the society, but also to improve herself. After intensive preparation, an aesthetic education project of sister Wisteria was launched in Huaibei with the strong support of Huaibei municipal Party committee and government. It was located in the No.7 and No.8 area of the city stadium, and officially launched on October 24. As Liu Teng said at the launching ceremony, "I know that the spiritual help is far greater than the direct help with money. I do it wholeheartedly, help more people, wake up the goodness in everyone's heart, and make the world better and warm because of my existence."

For why the first stop of the aesthetic education project was located in Huaibei, in addition to the hometown where Liu Teng was raised, another important reason is that she returned to Huaibei for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018 to participate in the marathon, which made her see the vitality of the city and the high quality of Huaibei people, further strengthened her recognition of Huaibei and gave her a rooting education Confidence.

As Ye Shengtao said: teaching is to achieve the goal of not teaching. Sister Wisteria's aesthetic education is different from the traditional art training school. Sister Wisteria's aesthetic education project focuses on letting children discover themselves and release themselves from the inside, find themselves through the art platform, and cultivate their aesthetic, creative and cross-border application abilities. Help every child to keep their share of the beauty that should belong to them, make the children more "confident, self-supporting, tough and brave", and cultivate the good character of children who benefit from life. In the teaching process, the curriculum system of "Art + nature", "Art + humanities" and "Art + technology" is adopted, and three courses of dance, painting and modeling are set up. The mode of online and offline combination enables children aged 3 to 14 to have a rich and beautiful childhood life, so as to improve emotional quotient, adverse quotient and American quotient, and comprehensively enhance their comprehensive ability, so as to become a model of beauty in life!

Liu Teng in front of the screen seldom mentioned the setbacks and pressures she had suffered. She always wanted to show her strongest side to everyone, just like her mother, to be an optimistic and strong person. Today, Liu Teng can walk far and high, thanks to her mother. Whenever encountering a setback, her mother would cheer her on with encouragement. To this end, she firmly believes that education is a multi-faceted cooperation. Only when schools, families and society work together can children become excellent. In the promotion of sister Saito's aesthetic education, she will also grow up with children and parents to help each child become a better "self"!

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